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Adopt-A-Grant for enhanced education


Are you someone who would like to have a direct effect on student education in our South Whidbey community?

Do you have a particular academic or artistic area of interest that is so near and dear to you that you would like to help foster it in our schools? If so, then the Foundation’s “Adopt-A-Grant program” will be of interest to you.

Each year the Foundation receives dozens of requests from teachers for innovative projects, programs, or equipment in order to enrich their students’ education. Our Board works hard to raise money to fund these grant requests, but we don’t always raise enough.

That’s where you come in.

We’re looking for sponsors – community patrons, really – to fund a particular grant proposal of special interest to them.

We’ve included synopses of all the grants approved for funding for the 2015/16 school year. If you find a particular request that speaks to you, please contact our Adopt-A-Grant coordinator and Board member, Bob Wiley, or Board President Chris Gibson at the contact information provided below.

Please note, you can adopt a grant already funded by the Foundation.  Doing so simply frees up the previously earmarked Foundation funds to be used for another underfunded grant.

“Why not just make a general donation?” you might ask. Well, you certainly could, but we are trying to build relationships through this program. For instance, the teacher who requested the grant will contact you personally (if mutually agreeable) when you fund their classroom project to let you know how your donation is directly enhancing the learning experience of her or his students.

This holiday season, as you make your year-end charitable gifts, please consider our Adopt-A-Grant program.

Bob WileyBob Wiley
email at
(360) 321-2326



SWSF5Chris Gibson
email at:
Phone: (360) 221-8099



South Whidbey Schools Foundation 2015-2016 Grant Requests

Grant  Request 1 – Rites of Passage:

Adult co-leaders will lead a weekly meeting with 12-15 students in 9th and 10th grade, as these are particularly tough ages to navigate, and focus on self empowerment, personal growth, service, and reflection. This, in turn will result in increased participation in school and the community and provide a safe space to learn helpful life skills to use in High School and beyond.  Amount requested: $1,000 / served:  12-15 students in 9th and 10th grade.

Grant Request 2 – Update the HS school library:

Providing updated books and books that appeal to all interests is important. Books would be updated to include more genres that interest young men, such as military and sports and add more cook books, medical science, psychology, nursing and other occupational books.  Amount requested: $1,500 / served:  all high school students.

Grant Request 3 – Kindle Fires:

Kindle Fires can be used by high school students with disabilities to read assigned readings through the Sno-Isle library system. Students may check out the kindles to use at home and the assistive readings features will help students better understand the text. Also, the kindles can be used for many years to come.  Amount requested:  $1,500 / served:  SW High School Special Education students.

Grant Request 5 – Can you see a leader in me?:

The elementary school utilizes a student-led Mediator team to help resolve problems that arise among peers.  Funds are needed for new vests to replace the old worn out ones, and to allow for the addition of new positions on the team. The addition of new positions will  give every student in 4th and 5th grade the opportunity to show and develop their leadership skills that will help them throughout their life. Amount requested:  $564 / served:   30+ 4th and 5th grade students.

Grant Request 6 – STEM field studies and fair:

This grant will provide continued support for the 7th grade marine and garden studies that have been pursued the past three years at Langley Middle School. These programs help students learn to effectively design, research and present scientific studies, which they will have the opportunity to do at the March Science and Engineering Fair.  Amount requested: $1,500 / served: all LMS 7th grade students.

Grant Request 7 – 7th grade outdoor learning expedition

This project will allow 7th graders to explore the outdoors in a fun and informative way. 7th graders will go in groups on a boat in the bay around Langley and learn from students from the UW School of Oceanography, NOAA and Whidbey Watershed Stewards. They will collect data (drawing on math skills and science) and will also learn about Washington’s history and how the health of Puget Sound plays into Washington’s economy, recreation and food supply. Amount requested: $2,060 / served:   all LMS 7th grade students.

Grant Request 8 – Emotional behavior management

This project would serve kindergarten through 3rd grade classes by teaching those with behavioral issues to better self-manage the stressors and anxiety that lead to problems, both in and out of the classroom. The project will utilize interactive games to teach self- management skills and to develop of internal awareness.  Amount requested:  $961 / served:  All K-3 students.

Grant Request 9 – Stability balls – “Sit for Success”

Kids have lots of extra energy and it is tough for them to sit still for long periods of time. Children will be provided with yoga balls to sit on if desired. It provides them a way to get out energy while staying focused. Studies show that sitting on stability balls improves productivity, focus and improves overall health. Amount requested: $353 / served:  SW Elementary Special Education students.

Grant 10 – Marimba Project

Marimbas are being built at South Whidbey High School to serve the students in the Music Service class, and to allow non-performing students to delve into the performing arts. The marimbas will serve as a tool to convey information about Zimbabwean music and how it has influenced American music. The marimbas will also benefit students who wish to create a club to share their music with the school and community.  Amount requested: $1,500 / served: 7+ SW High School music students.

Grant Request 11 – South Whidbey Underwater Robotics Class

Underwater Robotics program at the South Whidbey Academy provides a unique opportunity for students to learn STE(A)M concepts through hands on approach to problem solving. Not only do the students learn the science and problem solving concepts, but they are also asked to think of themselves as entrepreneurs and create their own mock Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) company. Given a set of exciting real world challenges (this year includes interplanetary ocean exploration on one of the moons of Jupiter), the students design and engineer their own fully operational prototype.  The program starts with a basic ROV design kit to show new students what it takes to create an underwater robot, as well as provide a refresher course for the more experienced students. After the basic ROV is completed, all of the students will then be tasked to create a robot based on their own creativity, research, and engineering efforts. Amount requested: $3,000 / served: 25-35 SW Academy students grades 6-12.

Grant Request 12 –Class Hand-Made Afghan ProjectThis will be a culminating project for a three-year loop classroom.  Undyed yarn will be purchased from South America, which will then be dyed with Kool-Aid (child -safe dye!) to make it colorful.  Each student will then knit their yarn into 2 squares.  All 54 squares will then be put together to make an afghan.  Student will then raffle off the finished afghan money for Heiffer International, a program that supports women artisans in Peru. Amount requested: $149 / served:  27 5th grade students.

Grant Request 13 – Snap and Read Universal

This project is requesting the purchase and use of a program called Snap & Read Universal.  Currently at Langley Middle School 32.7% of 6th grade students score below the 25th percentile on the SATR reading  assessment. 25% of 7th graders and 14% of 8th graders are below the 25th percentile.  These are not all students in special education or who have a 504 to provide accommodations.  These are students who struggle with reading grade level text and therefore face challenges across the school day where reading is required in virtually all classes.  With the common core state standards there is a greater emphasis on comprehension, analysis and application of skills.  Struggling readers face even more challenges if they cannot read and comprehend grade level vocabulary. Amount requested:  $1,000 / served: Up to 300 LMS students.

Grant Request 14 – Atomic Modeling

This is part of a set of materials that is currently being used in Physical Science, Biology, AP Biology and Chemistry classes at SW High School. The atomic model sets proposed here will be used to expand the current sets that have proven useful but incomplete. Students use these models to learn basic atomic structure. Amount Requested: $265.00 / served: 250 + 9th – 12th grade science students.

Grant Request 15 – Sound Recording Studio

Two SW High School teachers would like to build a recording studio for the school’s music programs. All music and choir programs would have access to the studio.  The studio will provide an opportunity for learning real world skills in professional music and recording systems. The recording studio will be a great asset for all of the music programs. Amount requested:  $3,400 / served:  200+ 5th-12th grade students.

Grant Request 16 – Elementary School Music Supplies

This project has 6 components that support the music program at SWES. They are:1) Instrument Repair, 2) Tuning the Piano, 3) Marimba Assembly, 4) Purchase two Whiteboard Music Curriculums, 5) Purchase supplies for a Song Writing Contest, and 6) Purchase four Full Spectrum Light Bulbs. Students will be able to use 9 xylophones and/or metallophones that are currently in disrepair, play and hear a piano that is actually in tune, watch classmates perform on the big Marimbas at an assembly, learn curriculum content using an interactive whiteboard, have historical wigs plus quality color photos for our (new) “Composer Wall of Fame” and have the benefit of being bathed in full spectrum light since the music room has no windows.  Amount requested:  $1,256 / served: 520 K-5 students.

Grant Request 17 – Healthy Snacks ProgramThe Healthy Snacks pilot program will be initiated with two Fifth Grade classes to develop nutritious baked snacks to replace commonly used snack foods, as well as grow fresh micro-greens and pea shoots for snacks. This program will build on the enthusiasm that has been generated by students for eating fresh garden veggies during School Farm classes. As part of the School Farm classes, grade five students helped make ‘garden pizzas’ for classes coming to the garden.  Amount requested:  $1,200 / served:  50 5th grade students.

Grant Request 18: Exploring Watershed Science

For many years Middle School science classes have used nearby wetlands to study benthic invertebrates. Students have collected invertebrates and used them as indicator species for water quality. More recently the program has expanded to include monitoring the stream flow from the Middle School to the Sound. The instruments this grant will purchase will allow students to better explore water quality, groundwater pollution, soils, and beach geology. Amount requested: $600.00 / served: 100 8th grade students.

Grant Request 19 – Expressionism and Principles of Design – Action Art

This Action-Art project engages students in two class developmental groups (grades 6-8 and grades 9-12) over a three week period in Expressionism. Led by professional artist/ teacher Carol Way, students will create independent works through the specialized Touch Drawing technique and materials, and with critique and reflection refine these works in order to emphasize principle/s of design. A collaborative “Drawing Game” will be the springboard for these Touch Drawing sessions. Another culminating artwork will be a collaborative banner in Touch Drawings, for the school. The third tier of this Artist in Residence will involve students in a collaborative school project based on Expressionism and integrated with Physics. This collaborative learning will be in form of a large permanent mural on the wall under the covered area at SWA. Amount requested: $2,000 / served: 34 6th-12th grade students at SW Academy.

Grant Request 20 – STEM Class Physical Science Set

South Whidbey Academy has limited science resources and this grant seeks to purchase STEM kits that will allow the school to expand its offerings of hands on opportunities for students by providing the prerequisite skills and foundations for STEM classes at the high school level. Amount requested: $523 / served: 22-30 6th-8th grade SW Academy students.

Grant Request 21 – A Splash of Red: Book-It Repertory Field Trip Workshops

Whidbey Children’s Theater (WCT) will be hosting Book-It Repertory Theater (an award winning theater company from Seattle, Washington) at SWHS on January 13, 2016, for both SWA and SWE students.  Book-It Repertory Theater also offers performing arts workshops with each of their touring productions.  One of these workshops will be included at no extra charge with the touring package WCT has purchased through a Humanities Washington grant awarded recently.  Each workshop serves a maximum of 35 students.  Additional workshops are available at a $150.00 per workshop.  This grant would fund an additional five workshops.  The grant would also allow for the purchase of 21 copies of the “A Splash of Red” by Jen Bryant for each classroom.  Having a copy of the book in each class allows students to refer back to what they have seen, re-read and reenact.  A classroom copy of the book also allows classroom teachers to create further curricular ties to connect with the experience of seeing the play.  This book has ties to themes such as: courage, family dynamics, self-confidence, perseverance and American history.  It also ties to events such as:  Black History Month, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Read Aloud Month Amount requested:  $1,065 / served: 600 K-5 students.

Grant Request 22 – Redesigning Professionalism: constructing education from the inside out 

This project involves professional development for a team of the high school teachers  reading 7 books on topics including pedagogy, instructional technology, BIG ideas in education, and instructional techniques. Educators will meet 1-2 times monthly to read and discuss professional development. This program provides educators with the opportunity to grow and strengthen educational values, teaching practices, and professional collegiality, and allow for exploration of difficult topics and expanded curriculum. The amount requested will pay for the books.  Amount requested:  $901 / served:  all students who engage with participating teachers.

Grant Request 23 – 5th grade Whale Watching Project; Whale Watching boat adventure/Langley Whale Museum

This project is linked to a year-long salmon study program that covered learning about the building blocks of food chain and food webs, looking at estuaries where salmon spend time growing and adjusting to salt water before heading to ocean. The project will allow all 5th grade student to spend time on a whale watching vessel out of Langley Marina, the Langley Whale Museum and the Langley beach (students will contribute $10 each towards the cost of the vessel rental). Amount requested: $1,500 / served: All 100 5th grade students.

Grant Request 24 –  Explore: Matter and Its Interactions, Energy Transferred between Objects

Leonard Good leads science lessons and supplies all necessary chemicals, machines, and tools to teach science lessons. He uses many methods to explore and experience the how’s and why’s of science. His concepts are taught hands-on and he involves students in the process of learning. Leonard instructs students on making their own science toys, which helps reinforce science concepts taught. Amount Requested: $1320 / served: All 100 5th grade students.

Grant Request 25 – Salmon in the Classroom

School-wide: K-5 This project provides students with the opportunity to observe and record transformation of developing salmon from egg to alevin to fry.  The goal is to increase student awareness of unique salmon life cycle stages. Students will also study habitat needs, watershed health, and hopefully inspire students to become stewards of the environment.  Amount requested:  $1500 / served: School-wide: K-5 students.

Grant Request 26 – Salmon Run: Art/ Sewing/ Writing Project

This is a mixed media project that will focus on the PNW Salmon, It will use scientific and artistic practices to experience the similarities of each approach in learning. Students will develop language arts skills through reading, studying, writing haiku, drawing, illustrating and design. These will lead to the final project of making near life-size Salmons in sewn soft sculpture. All salmon will be displayed in a river, representing the persistence of Salmon returning home against the current. Amount requested: $750 / served: all 100 5th grade students.

Grant Request 27 – Understanding Carbon – Middle School & High School

An understanding of the carbon cycle, including problems and solutions, is crucial for 21st century students as they prepare for college and careers.  This proposal seeks to address this aspect of a student’s education directly through the purchase and utilization of various tools for measuring and monitoring carbon in the environment.  Not only will it provide for hands-on scientific learning and discovery, but this project also provides an opportunity for collaboration and mentoring for high school and middle school students..  In middle school project will also enhance garden and marina field studies programs.  Amount requested: $2,628 / served: 200 students Grade 7 & 10.

Grant Request 28 –  Aquaponics Classroom Prototype for Vegetable & Fish Production & Aeroponic Chamber for Rooting Cuttings

This project involves the construction of aquaponics unit for classroom showcasing of an organic ‘integrated farming system’ with fish tank, hydroponic growing beds, and indoor lighting system.  The educational benefits include  harnessing and learning about the relationships of natural ecosystems by combining water, fish, micro-organisms, earthworms, plants, seeds, light, air, and people.  It will also reinforce STEM concepts and utilized in CTE Agriculture class- hands-on opportunity for students to build and maintain a home-scale model.  Amount requested: $1200  / served: 30+  high school students per semester.

Grant Request 29 –  MakerSpace STEM kits

This project envisions providing STEM kits in the elementary school library for check out, whether it be for a classroom project, a science fair event, , family night, or just for a  rainy day recess.  These kits provide hands-on exploration on engineering and design. Amount requested: $1,195 / served: 500 K-5 students.

Grant Request 30 – Bringing Learning to Life -Learning and Serving at South Whidbey State Park

This is a community-based environmental service learning project that focuses on regional and local environmental issues (STEM included), communication, critical thinking skills, connection between academic learning and real world issues, and commitment to civic engagement and Puget Sound stewardship. Students will engage in pre and post classroom based instruction to prepare for a day-long expedition to South Whidbey State park to engage with forest, service and watershed based studies. Amount requested: $2,400  / served: 285 students Grades: 3-12 (SW Elementary, SW Academy, LMS, SWHS).

Grant Request 31 – Learning with LEGOs: an Introduction to Engineering,  Programming and Robotics: This project seeks to introduce second grade students to the creative, constructive activities of engineering, programming and robotics, through use of the LEGO WeDo STEM Classroom Packs.  The first year will be an introductory year, in which one class uses the kits and one teacher designs projects and troubleshoots difficulties in implementing the projects. Next year, following additional planning by all three teachers, all three classes of Grade 2 students will participate. Each class will be engaged in projects for approximately 8 weeks. Students work in groups of 2 to complete a variety of projects over the course of 8 weeks.   Amount requested: $3,082 / served: SW Elementary School  72 per year, ongoing, 2nd grade.

Nov 04

Nearly $30,000 in Classroom Grants Awarded by SW Schools Foundation


SWSF_Nov_1South Whidbey Schools Foundation awarded nearly $30,000 – a new record for the nonprofit organization – to fund 26 classroom projects for the 2015/16 school year.

The projects include robotic kits for second-graders to learn engineering and programming using Legos, an aquaponics and an aeroponics chamber, growing salmon in the classroom, a sound recording studio, exploring watershed science, and atomic modeling at the high school. Of the $29,780 awarded, $17,800 was for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) projects.

Retired educator and SWSF Board Member Jean Shaw went to all four schools November 2, presenting teachers with funding letters and balloons, frequently receiving hugs from the educators and applause from students.

The Schools Foundation raises money through an annual Spring Gala, the local Dine-Out Wednesdays for SW Schools program, a March talent show, and an annual appeal drive.  All these efforts, however, were not enough to cover the $42,922 in requests that it received this year.

“We had to make some difficult choices,” said SWSF Board President Chris Gibson, “but we did our best to fund or partially fund 22 projects right away and have committed to funding four more early in 2016 after our annual fund drive. We’re also looking to develop an “Adopt-a-Grant” program and just had our first donors step up to fully fund a project which we could only partially fund,” he said.

Since its inception in 1994, the Schools Foundation has funded more than $225,000 in teacher-requested projects and materials to enhance educational excellence, projects which the school district is unable to fund due to tight budgets.

A full listing of classroom grants is available on the Foundation’s grants page at



Oct 24

Help Us Fund More Classroom Project Requests

SW Record articleDid you read the article about the Foundation in Saturday’s South Whidbey Record?


This note is from Board Member Susie Richards:

Dear Friends – check out the story in today’s South Whidbey Record on the  South Whidbey Schools Foundation. We have received over $40,000 in requests from teachers in our district to fund amazing, creative and meaningful learning opportunities for students (that can’t be funded through the regular school budget . . ) and have only $25,000 of funding to provide.

We’re meeting today and have some hard decisions to make – but hoping that the community can step up and help us to fund ALL of the requests that have been made! We As we think about ways to provide direct support to our local schools, teachers and students – this is one very real, direct and powerful way to do so! Please go to the website and make your donation today . . . whatever amount you can share will make a difference!!! Here is a link to the Foundation website where you can make a PayPal donation today.
Thank you!!!

Oct 05

Dine Out Wednesdays in October to Support Our Schools!

It’s Back! Our popular DINE OUT WEDNESDAYS FOR SOUTH WHIDBEY SCHOOLS program. Every Wednesday in October when you eat out at one of the following local restaurants, a portion of that day’s receipts will be donated to the Schools Foundation to fund innovative classroom learning projects, special equipment, and field trips.

Participating restaurants include:

  • Useless Bay Coffee Company,
  • Glass Alley Cafe,
  • Freeland Cafe,
  • Charmers Bistro,
  • Hong Kong Gardens,
  • Patron Mexican Restaurant, or
  • El Corral Mexican Restaurant.

Please let your server know that you are there as part of the Dine Out program. (Take-out meals also count.)

Thank you!

JPEG for Drewslist

Sep 28

Make reservations now for Oct. 2 Dine Out Kickoff at Prima Bistro

Wed Oct Take Home TuesdayTo kick off our October Dine out for SW Schools restaurant program, Prima Bistro in Langley is donating a portion of this Friday’s receipts to the Schools Foundation. So make reservations now for this Friday, October 2 at Prima Bistro by calling 360.221.4060. Let them know you are there as part of the Dine Out for SW Schools program.

Aug 29

2nd Alumni Profile video features Zora Lungren, actress

We’re starting a video page which provides a brief profile of notable South Whidbey School District alumni.
Our latest video profile: Zora Lungren, an actress, and a 2009 SWHS graduate.

Jul 04

SWSF Marches in the Maxwelton Independence Day Parade

Thanks to everyone who marched with the South Whidbey Schools Foundation, and for those who cheered us on, in this historic Maxwelton Independence Day Parade today!

FullSizeRender IMG_4717 IMG_4718 IMG_4720 IMG_4721 IMG_4722

Jun 04

Chad Felgar and Charlie Davies Receive SWSF’s Faculty Recognition Awards at June 4 Senior Farewell Assembly

Fulgar and Davies

Chad Felgar and Charlie Davies who teach at South Whidbey High School were this year’s recipients of the Foundation’s annual faculty recognition awards. Felgar received the Mentorship Award Davies received the Extra-Mile Award.

The South Whidbey Schools Foundation wrapped up the 2014-15 school year with two awards for outstanding SW School District faculty.

The Extra-Mile Award acknowledges and honors a current South Whidbey School District teacher for having gone the proverbial “extra-mile” in terms of service to students and faculty.  This year’s recipient is Charlie Davies, a South Whidbey graduate and the special education and work-based learning teacher at South Whidbey High School.  Davies’ nomination was endorsed by more than 25 district faculty and staff.

Charlie Davis

Charlie Davies accepting the Extra-Mile Award from Jean Shaw, SWSF Community Liaison.

As Davies’ colleagues explained:

“I have seen Charlie be a teacher first, but also a mentor, adviser, coach, trainer, disciplinarian, and someone who the students look up to and strive to be like. He can take a bad situation and turn it into a great positive learning lesson for the students. He amazes us every day. I can go on and on about the respect I have for this man. He gives everyone around him the feeling of wanting to do their best,” wrote one colleague.

“He goes above and beyond to make sure he has given our students every opportunity to succeed,” wrote another.

The award, which includes a cash stipend, was presented to Davies at the Senior Farewell Assembly for the Class of 2015.



SWSF’s annual Mentorship Award recognizes teachers, principals and other school-based staff who exemplify the kind of commitment to students that creates exceptional results. Graduating seniors nominate a teacher who has had a lasting positive impact on their lives.  This year there were 21 nominations for 13 different teachers.

Leading the nominations and this year’s recipient is Chad Felgar, also a South Whidbey alum and currently the high school shop and agriculture teacher.

Felgarn nominating Felgar, graduating seniors had this to say;

“He always keeps students busy with new, fun projects,” wrote one senior.

“Mr. Felgar has influenced me to be the best I could possibly be.  He has given me the confidence to be who I am,” wrote another student.

“(Mr.) Felgar showed me what it is like to have a job, good work ethic and to be a leader,” commented another student.

“He’s pretty chill, he does all types of classes and he does them well,” wrote another senior.

Felgar, who will be leaving the district next year, received the award and the accompanying cash stipend at the Farewell assembly to resounding applause from the senior class.

The award was established by Steve Shapiro, MD, and his wife, Debora Valis, for students in the community to acknowledge and honor the leadership, mentorship and inspiration of specific teachers who have unlocked the doors to the future for their children.

There are eight years of funds remaining for each award. The South Whidbey Schools Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing support to teachers and students in the South Whidbey public schools.

More information about the awards, the Foundation’s activities and how to make a charitable tax-deductible donation can be found on various pages of this website.

May 20

Thanks to all who attended and supported the Dinner Gala

Thank you to all the people who attended the 2015 Dinner Gala and Auction and to all the sponsors and businesses who donated to the event.

Thanks to you, approximately $14,000 will be added to the amount to be used for teacher-requested classroom grants for the 2015/16 school year.

Additional thanks to Jim Freeman, our emcee for the evening, the SWHS Jazz Band combo, the SWHS Music in Motion Choir, the SWA Robotics Team, SWSD Superintendent Dr. Jo Moccia for leading the medallion game, and Betty Bond, the SWSF Board member who organized the event.

Special thanks to the businesses and individuals who donated goods and services for the auction and our two Gala sponsors, Whidbey Island Bank (a division of Heritage Bank) and Nichols Brothers Boat Builders. Additional thanks to Whidbey Telecom for promoting the Gala on WhidbeyTV and on the locally produced show, “Life’s Better Here,” and to the South Whidbey Record for covering the schools so well in general and providing its readers with advance notice of the Gala.

Thanks also to the students and teachers demonstrating Foundation-funded projects involving the SWA Underwater Robotics Team, the SWSD Farm and Garden (Cary Peterson), and outdoor expeditions at the Elementary School (SWES teacher Bruce Callahan).

Hats off to emcee and auctioneer Jim Freeman for an evening filled with his quick wit and charm. Superintendent Jo Moccia deserves a medal for conducting the “Medallion Game,” which involves eliminating medallion holders until the last one standing wins half the medallion sales.  Special thanks to Shelly Ackerman, who won the game a second year in a row and promptly donated her entire $1,000 winnings back (a second time) to the Foundation!

Extra-mile gratitude to the principals at South Whidbey Academy (David Pfeiffer), South Whidbey Elementary (Jeff Cravy) and Langley Middle School (Eric Nerison) on the impact that Foundation-funded projects had on their schools and to SWHS English teacher Jennifer Gandarias who spoke about a Foundation-funded professional development program for teachers which she spearheaded.  Long-distance thanks to Gavin Imes, a South Whidbey High School graduate and former Foundation board student representative, who told how Foundation-funded projects helped enrich his education and continue to influence his college activities at Gonzaga University.

Listen to what Gavin  had to say about the Foundation and the effect it has had on his life.


Applause to the South Whidbey High School jazz combo and to the Music in Motion SWHS Choir (under the direction of Paula Ludtke) whose members provided entertainment.

Music in Motion Performers at the SWSF dinner: Cory Ackerman, Maddie Barker, McKenzie Chapman, Kelsey Coutts, Lauren Damerau, Emily Davies, Bayley Gochanour, Elizabeth Hanzelka, Chloe Huffman, Julia Lowe, Aria Ludtke, Ashley Lyons, Autumn Mackie-Timmerman, Rubie Maltbie, Leah Merrow, Sarah Merrow, Sarah Parker, Amandalyn Petticlerc, Kyra Reafs, Alexander Reitz, Marina Schulz, Taylor Tangeman, Emily Turpin, and Olivia Zuver

Thank You,

The South Whidbey Schools Foundation Board; Betty Bond, Chris Gibson, Jo Moccia, David Pfeiffer, Linda Racicot, Susie Richards, John Riley, Jean Shaw, Sophia Stoughton, Tom Walker and Bob & Kay Wiley

Apr 20

Ever wonder how your donations help local students?

Among the 22 classroom projects which the Foundation is funding this school year are several field trips for students to learn about our local marine and forest  environments. You can read more about the latest funded field trip in Saturday’s South Whidbey Record article linked below.

The fifth-grade field trips were funded by a $1,400 grant from the non-profit South Whidbey Schools Foundation. The foundation also funded four other field trips for fifth graders during the 2014-15 school year. The Langley Middle School seventh-grade oceanography program was also funded by South Whidbey Schools Foundation with a grant of $1,280. Your donations, and attendance at our annual Gala Dinner (May 16 this year) make it all possible. 

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